Exercises to Lose Weight

Eating low calorie and high dietary fiber vegetables and fruits are only part of the weight loss process. The next thing you will need to do is to burn down those excessive calories by doing consistent exercise. Although we are focusing mainly on exercising to lose weight, there are many more benefits from exercising such as it smoothens the flow of your blood circulation (prevents artery blockage), reduce your stress level, allow you to sleep better at night, feeling more energetic and confident at work.

Exercises to Lose Weight

People often feel that exercising wastes their time and time is better used in something else. This is a very wrong mindset. Right after your exercise, you may feel tired but once your body settles down for an hour or two, you will feel refresh and energized from the exercise you have done. If you don’t believe me, try it!

You do not need to contribute long hours for exercise. All you need is at least 30 minutes – 1 hour daily. That is really a small time period compared to your 9-5 job and sleeping hours. For starters, try to work out for at least 15-30 minutes. I am sure you will feel good and increase your exercise time as you progress in your weight loss plan.

A truth about the effectiveness of exercise to weight loss is that it does not need you to spend money for a gym session or aerobic session. All you need is effort and determination!

In this section, I will share with you some effective exercises to lose your weight. Some of these exercises can be performed at your own home, nearest park or a gym nearby. Before you start, make sure you have a pair of comfortable fitness shoes as your leg plays an important role for you to exercise. There are good reviews and offer for fitness shoes for men and women around the net that will suit you if you look around. Oh, and a piece of face towel, please. You are going to sweat a lot! So let’s start.

Walk or Jog. The simplest exercise ever. Walking or jogging helps to add the burning calorie process. Whenever you are on your way to the mall or office and there is going to be lots of steps to take. But you can take it further by taking the stairs instead of lifts. This adds up to the calorie burn meter without you realizing it. If you are not keen on running, just walk or jog for a few rounds. Bring your dog or someone you know with you so you won’t feel bored as you walk or jog.

This is a great way to burn some calorie but nothing too major. It is recommended to do this at the park instead of the gym as you will get fresh air and green scene to relax your eye. But the good thing about a gym or a good treadmill is that the rain will not stop you from working out. There is currently an offer for the Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill with great reviews if you are interested in a good deal.

Sit up. If you have never or it has been quite a long time since you last do your sit-ups, you may feel the stiffness at your waist and back area. Before you start on this workout, here is a video that teaches you how to do a proper sit up without hurting your back. If you feel slight pain at your back, stop. You are probably doing the wrong way. Make sure you know the actual way of doing the right sit up.

Housework & Gardening. For those housewives or househusbands who needs to take care of the house and do not have time to do some out-from-home exercises, do not worry. Do more housework like sweeping or mopping the floor, clean the windows, do the laundry, etc. I am sure you will burn quite a lot of calories from these. I am sure you need to keep your house clean every time. Do more while you are at it to burn more calories. If you like plants, go and get some plant seeds you like and plant it at your backyard with pots in your home. This is a great exercise as you will be moving or squatting a lot to take care of these plants. Time to get some soils and seeds!

Updated: February 27, 2019 — 10:06 am

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