Motivation to Lose Weight

I understand that to lose weight, it is not easy if you are doing it alone. Always bear in mind on your goals and dreams that you should have written down. To keep you going, I have compiled some weight loss motivation that I think is useful. I will add in more from time to time. Remember to find us again whenever you feel demotivated. Read them, save it in your brain memory, apply them! You can do this.

Motivation to Lose Weight

Never never never ever give up! Always remember your progress and how far you have reached. If you stop now, think of what you have learned and tried so far. It will all be a waste. Think of the cloth that you have been wanting to put it on.

Do not feel guilty if you missed a day work out due to work or some important issue (not lazy!). Exercise 2 times more the next day or split them into 3-5 days of extra time workout.

Walk the talk! Always review your plans and make sure you have followed them. Make this as a commitment. Remember, action speaks louder than words. If you don’t follow your plan, there is no one to be blamed except yourself.


Buy a reasonably smaller size cloth and hang in on to your bedroom door behind. Tell yourself you will wear this one day! Soon.

Erase negative phrases like “I quit” or “I can’t” from your dictionary. If you quit so easily, what will you achieve in life? Step forward not stop or backward!

Do not care about what others

Do not care about what others think or feel. If people are laughing at you or acting weird when you workout. Tell yourself. I don’t care about what you think.

I am doing this for myself. I am going to do this and come back feeling even more awesome.

Imagine yourself losing weight and reach to the level where you have dreamed of from time to time. Then, tell yourself this is what you want and continue to progress with your weight loss program.

You control your mind, your movement, your actions, your efforts, your determination. Do not let your mind control you. Know what you want, do it and commit to it until you achieve your goals.

Always think positive. Keep trying even if you have failed a few times. If this is your 9th time, try again. You might make it at the 10th time and you are only one step behind to achieving your dreams. This applies not only in your lose weight plan but also everything in your life. Remember this!

Frustration is unavoidable unless you have a steady mind in control when you undergo your weight loss program. Tell yourself that you will laugh at how silly you are when you get frustrated when you reach your dream soon. Take yoga programs to control your mind.

Always remember the motto of two famous brands, Nike and Adidas, “Just do it” and “Impossible is Nothing“. Just do your weight loss plan starting from today, without thinking again & losing weight is not impossible!

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