Tips! To Lose Weight

Here are some quick tips for you to follow. Try to follow them. A little bit more effort does not hurt in achieving your dreams. Every little thing you do adds up to what you become. I will add more soon. Stay tuned!

Tips! To Lose Weight

Always remember the weight loss equation:
Calorie Consumed < Calorie Burned = Weight Loss

Buy a notebook and write down you lose weight plans. For example, what do you plan to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day? If you like snacks, what healthy food should you be making? It is wise to calculate the calorie you need in order to reach your goal. For every meal, calculate what is the total calorie and adjust until it suits your weight loss goal.

Cut down consumption of unhealthy food. It may be hard to totally cut down the consumption of your favorite food instantly. Try to reduce it on a monthly or even better, weekly basis as you start your weight loss program. I am sure you will reach to a level where it will be removed from your food-to-eat-list.
Set a weekly or monthly reminder to buy healthy food just to make sure that you have sufficient stocks. When there isn’t any stock left, you may think that it is okay to get some unhealthy food Just For Today. It will become a habit if you do this. When the reminder comes, make it a commitment to go to the grocery so that you will not have any excuse to eat something unhealthy.

Set achievable goals. For example, “I will cut down 1 – 2 pounds in a week time”. If you achieve earlier than expected. Congratulations! Do not set goals like “I will cut down 10 pounds in 2 days!”. That is just overdoing it. When you fail to achieve such an unrealistic goal, you may feel depressed which will halt your weight loss plan and everything you have read and learn will be a waste.

Reward yourself if you have achieved your goal. Not by giving yourself anything unhealthy of course. Buy yourself a nice pair of heels or something.
Cut down the consumption of meat. For the first few weeks of your weight loss plan, you may feel uneasy if you are a frequent meat-eater. Try to change this meat to lean meat and slowly cut down the size of it each meal. Make sure that your total calorie consumed do not exceed the required calorie to lose weight.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. You must be hearing or reading this a lot. But this rule is undeniably important. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need sufficient nutrients and energy to start and work through the day. You may think that by skipping breakfast you will eat less and lose more weight. This is wrong as you need more energy at the

start of the day and not more energy as the day ends. Most of the time after dinner, you will feel relaxed and not move too much which means that your body metabolism will slow down burning less calorie. If you consume more calorie than what your body burns, what will you get? Yes, extra unused calorie and that is the opposite of the weight loss equation. Eat breakfast as a healthy king, not an unhealthy king. Eat food like low-fat milk, orange juice, bananas, organize oatmeal with raisins, eggs, etc. Eating healthy breakfast also help you from craving for food throughout the day and this is great news for your weight loss plan as you will not be eating your snacks or chocolate again.

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