Treatment for IBS Through Diet Changes

IBS is a painful problem where you cannot predict what kind of abnormality you will face. Some people suffer from acute gastric while some suffer from constipation or diarrhea. The most general symptom is abdominal pain and cramps. Many people think it happens due to infection. However, the truth is completely different from what we assume.

Treatment for IBS Through Diet Changes

Our brain is linked with our intestine. The colon tract signals our brain when waste has to be excreted and if the signal reaches easily everything works smoothly. When you are extremely stressed out or tensed then your brain has to work in many directions. In such cases, some of the signals don’t reach on time. Even when you don’t get proper sleep your brain is tired which also delays your routine.

When your brain doesn’t receive signal normally then your intestine muscle and colon tract starts contracting inadequately. This leads to abnormal behavior of the digestive system. Which means sometimes the waste is excreted faster than expected or sometimes it gets delayed. When it is excreted before time, then your intestine isn’t able to absorb as much water as required from waste, thus your stool is watery. When the signal is delayed the intestine keeps absorbing water from waste leading to constipation.

There are many ways of treating this problem. Some follow physical exercise and meditation to control their mind and body, while others follow diets for IBS treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the best way of keeping the mind and body in one track. Also, a good amount of sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours is the best way of controlling the bowel movements.

Everyone has different symptoms and way of reacting to certain disease. Each body responds in a unique way. Thus, here are some changes in lifestyle that can be managed by everyone –

  • Increasing the amount of fiber in your daily life is the best way to control IBS, but too much of fiber intake can lead to gas so you need to be careful with the quantity you intake and don’t increase it immediately.
  • Stay hydrated it helps in reducing constipation. Whenever you take meals always drink before and after, a glass of water. Sometimes, you might get bored drinking plain water then add a slice of lime or orange but don’t switch to preservatives.
  • It is good to take help from your physician or psychologist when you face too much anxiety or depression because they are the biggest reason for IBS and insomnia.
  • If you start physical exercise it helps to maintain good bowel movement and also lets you enjoy every moment without the fear of motion call. If you are reluctant to visit a gym because of IBS then start from home by watching videos.
  • We have incisors and canine teeth to bite and molar teeth to grind and every part of our body is co-related to each other. If we don’t chew food properly it can cause trouble in our intestine as they aren’t digested properly, thus chew slowly and enjoy every bite in a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Avoid caffeine, lactose, artificial sweeteners, and fatty food. These not only increase your weight but take a lot of time in getting digested.

These dietary changes are normal and can be done even by a person who isn’t suffering from IBS. However, if you still have a doubt consult your doctor.

Updated: February 27, 2019 — 5:43 am

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